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Property Managers / Real Estate Agents

property-managers-300x142Managing a property on behalf of a client is a big responsibility. You need to ensure your client’s valuable property asset is maintained while at the same time taking care of the welfare of the property’s tenants. At Contaminated Site Solutions we appreciate that a contaminated building means lost revenue. From the moment you contact our office about our clean-up services you will know that your problem is now being dealt with by the experts. Contaminated Site Solutions are specialists in healthy spaces, providing real solutions for you relating to

Contaminated Site Solutions will provide:

  • Over a decade of experience working with the property management industry
  • An audited Health & Safety accreditation
  • Licensed and qualified staff using the latest technology
  • Advice and consultation
  • A site assessment including stringent safety measures with a sound knowledge of the decontamination process, PPE and waste management controls
  • Detailed scope of works that acknowledges the specifics of the decontamination involved
  • Inventory reporting (where required)
  • Liaison with WorkSafe and/or testing laboratories