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Thank you, Jean, for helping me in my hour of need!

As you may recall, I was in a somewhat distressed state due to the plumbing catastrophe which had caused sewage to overflow underneath the deck near our kitchen window!

Whilst trying to have the plumbing problem sorted, I was also desperate for help with the process of decontaminating the area beneath our deck. I came across CSSNZ, and from the moment I made the first contact I felt reassured you would be able to help. I was so impressed that you were able to come out at reasonably short notice, all the way from West Auckland, to assess the situation. You were so thorough with your inspection and spent time with me to advise on options we could go ahead with to sort the problem. A very reasonably priced quote for services arrived shortly after.

I keep telling people how amazing your service was. I sincerely hope I never have to deal with such a messy situation again, but if I do, I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that I would contact CSSNZ straight away. Huge integrity and professionalism – I highly recommend.

Thanks again,

Megan Israel

Just a little note to thank and compliment you on the work your company carried out at my home after my recent attempts to (fortunately unsuccessfully) burn down my house.

Having never in my 67 years burnt a saucepan, to have inadvertently left one on and done SO much damage in a relatively short time was a very unnerving event. I was totally traumatised. Having recently been widowed, and having had some very major health issues – myself and in my family, I was on total meltdown territory both physically and mentally.

I went north for the weekend to attend to my gallery and on my return it seemed a troop of little elves had bought things back to as normal as could be achieved. Everything moved, cleaned and meticulously back in original positions!

I realized when north I had left several hundred dollars in a little jar – it was of course exactly where I had left it – and on the bench, coins – obviously retrieved from under heavy furniture.

In my distressed state I also locked myself out of the house – at rush hour on a Friday evening. Having given my spare key to you- I had no option but to call you. Having just made it home on a frantically busy Friday you cheerfully hopped back on your motorbike and came ALL THE WAY back here to let me in.

Sorry you were not involved with the clearing process, you were a pleasure to work with.

As much as you were such a pleasant gentleman to meet, I hope I do not need your services again! 🙂

Jan Alldritt-Miller

“Thanks for doing such an amazing job of cleaning my curtains.

Everyone that saw them prior to sending them to you were convinced no one could possibly remove that amount of mould, water stains and dirt.

They look 100% like brand new, I’m very happy and impressed.

I’ll definitely be telling people about your service”

Matthew Smith

“Thank you Victor for the amazing job.

At such short notice you pulled out all the stops to get our offices decontaminated of concrete dust over the Christmas/New Year break, which was critical for us, as the dust was widespread and the disruption to our offices during normal working hours would have been unthinkable.

The additional air con cleaning was unexpected, but once again your team accommodated us by conducting the work over the weekends and then returning during the week for spot cleaning, once the air con units were turned on again.

Your team at CSS have done a superb job, at such a critical time for us and in the interests of taking care of our employees, we are most appreciative of your professional and experienced approach.

Please pass on our thanks to all of your team who made AJ Park offices ‘sparkle’ once again.

Kind regards Sue”

Sue Quinnell

HR Manager, AJ Park Ltd